My name is Maj Helen Alander and I'm an illustrator and painter living in Kristiansand, Norway with my husband Nicholas, my son Theo and our energetic jack russell Frøya. I have a Bachelor in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art and a Bachelor in Visual Arts and Design from Høgskolen i Telemark.

I have a huge passion for children's books, and a lot of my work are illustrations for children and teenagers, based on my own stories or the work of other writers. They are made using a mixture of pencil, pen and watercolors. My paintings are a striking contrast to the more delicate pencil illustrations, they are eye-catching textural paintings with a more chaotic feel. 

I also have a passion for Life Drawing, as you can see in one of my galleries on the website.

It is a discipline you can always go back to no matter where you are at with your art, and it will always give you renewed inspiration.


 If you have a suitable project or idea in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me via my website or directly at maj.helen.alander@gmail.com.

Published Books

  • 12 nøkler til suksess  2018

  • Forfatter:Roger Årdal / Illustrator:Maj Helen Alander

  • Thomas og microchipen  2017

  • Children/teenagers

  • Author:Kirsti Berwitz-Larsen / Illustrator:Maj Helen Alander

  • Magenta, sikkert ok  2016

  • Children/teenagers

  • Author:Anne H. Borgund / Illustrator:Maj Helen Alander

  • Lille Marius og alle gjemmestedene  2015

  • Author/illustrator:Maj Helen Alander

  • This children’s book is about the spider Marius, who is terrified of being seen by the
    family he lives with, and has hiding places in every nook and cranny of the house.
    But what happens when he is finally seen by somebody?

  • Planen  2014

  • Author/illustrator:Maj Helen Alander

  • This children’s book is about the energetic and playful dog Zorro. When the family is
    leaving for a trip, Zorro comes up with a plan to come with them. But what will
    happen if he is discovered?

  • Fortell en historie til  2014

  • Collection of children’s stories

  • Author:Mari Ann Augestad / Illustrator:Maj Helen Alander

  • Bobler i Farris  2014

  • Children/teenagers

  • Author:Anne H. Borgund / Illustrator:Maj Helen Alander

Magazines, Publications and other Clients

  • The List Trondheim, Samviten Studentblad, Nomad Magazine Edinburgh, Insight Edinburgh University Economics Magazine, Saughton Series 2011 by the Scottish Book Trust, Styrket rehabiliteringstilbud til hørselshemmede i kommunene (report) by LMT Setesdal.

  • Drawing (page 51) in Visuelle Kunstfag 3 by Elvestad, Strømme and Løvstad, 2008, which is an educational book used in visual arts.

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